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Remote Support Remote Support
At Technologics Group we believe that time is the most precious commodity for any small business or client. The ability to support our clients through Remote Support is an invaluable time and money saving tool for both parties.  We can support our clients through the power of the Internet. Imagine having a technician fix your device without ever brining it to the technician; we will virtually come to you. That is the magic of Remote Support.  We understand that our clients are busy. Schedule an appointment with us to repair the device. There is no need for our customers to be present during the process. We can diagnose any issues that stands in between you and productivity. Our company has a partnership with an industry standard and leading Remote Support Client;  Log-Me-In Rescue.

This resources allows us to support almost every major platform on the market. We can access, PC’s, Mac’s, Linux and even Smart Phones. Our staff can run a diagnostic on your computing device, identify any issues that are present and correct them. As a client, Remote Support is an effective method to allow our professional staff to run Server Administration as well. We offer great rates for regular and miscellaneous support. Our clients are first, we strive to gain trust and a working business relationship. This is the most valuable asset to the success of both parties.  Technologics group offers fair and competitive rates. Contact us today and let our team give you the world-class service all our clients deserve.

Computer Repair Computer Repair
We repair computers of any kind or brand from Windows based to Apple OS to Linux OS. Our A+ Certified technicians are professionally-trained and have combined experience of more than 15 years. Most repairs performed in our facilities are completed within 48 hours. We keep most of the computer parts you need in stock, which allows us to maintain a quick turnaround time.
Networking Networking
In today’s business world having a reliable Internet and network connection are vital for success. Technologics Group can ensure that you are on the cutting edge of technology, and ready to meet the demands of success. We can customize networks to fit the demands for a business of any size. We offer reliable cost effective network solutions. With the satisfaction of our clients as our peace of mind. If you are a business in need of a network; we can design, employ, and manage a system that suits your needs. We can ensure your system is preforming at the optimum level. We pro-actively manage the behind scene’s networking task that enables your business to move forward. These include ongoing updates, service patches, regular maintenance, and service calls. If your network goes down we can get you on-line. Let us keep your network infrastructure up to date and operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
VoIP Telephony VoIP Telephony
Small businesses are always looking for ways to increase their competitiveness by cutting costs, improving their value proposition and requiring their staff to work more efficiently. One way businesses are accomplishing this is by implementing Voice Over IP Solutions. At Technologics Group, we are specialists in delivery of voice communications over IP networks and provide effective solutions for businesses with proven experience utilizing a variety of VoIP technologies.
We extensively evaluate and deploy new products in-house before considering providing them to clients. Our clients gain the benefits of this expertise in Voice Over IP Solutions that are easily extensible and very cost effective.
Network/Computer Security Network/Computer Security
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Low-Voltage Cabling Low-Voltage Cabling
Whether you need to add a few wires to your existing network infrastructure or rewire an entire office building for improved reliability and performance, Technologics Group, Inc.. can help. Our cabling services can help you design, install, and test your structured cabling for speed and efficiency at the lowest cost possible without sacrificing quality. We currently install, repair, and replace ST / SC Fiber, Cat 5, Cat 5E, Cat 6, RJ45, PVC or Plenum Options, Shielded / Unshielded Twisted Pair, Coaxial (TV, CCTV, HDMI (HDTV), and RJ11 Phone Cabling.
CCTV Surveillance Systems CCTV Surveillance Systems
Technologics Group is a full service provider of advanced video surveillance systems, solutions, and installation services. Our professionals understand the needs of our residential, commercial, government and law enforcement clients, and can specify and install the correct equipment for each project. We take pride in providing strong value and competitive pricing for all systems and installation packages that meet our clients’ budget and time line, including wireless, indoor, outdoor, covert, night vision and motion activated systems. We also provide advanced access control systems like video door phones, electronic locks, and proximity key card locks and readers.
Web Hosting Web Hosting
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